• Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations

    A personalized nature retreat for compassionate people on the front lines of adversity

    Welcome to New Road Retreats at Wildwood Ranch, a sprawling 10-acre woodland sanctuary nestled in the Sierra foothills, the heart of Gold Country, California. While nearby Lake Tahoe may offer touristic splendors and scenic backdrops that attract millions every year, our secluded home is surrounded by natural wonders in restorative privacy. No commotion. No tourists. Only you, an invited loved one, and the embrace of nature.

    New Road Retreats at Wildwood Ranch is a nature sanctuary dedicated to first responders, educators, healthcare professionals, clergy, and anyone exposed to the front lines of adversity, often resulting in compassion fatigue and emotional, physical and mental burnout. Hosted by licensed trauma and EMDR therapist Marty, and his wife Catherine, New Road Retreats offers a retreat experience in a tranquil environment interwoven with trails, forests, streams and wildlife. The weekend retreat experience is completely free. Our nonprofit exists to provide you a time that is free of stress including financial stress.  

    Our guests have the opportunity to take advantage of personalized EMDR treatment designed to help find closure, acceptance and relief from distressful experiences.

    By admitting you need rest, you’ve already taken a big step forward in achieving restorative self-care and rediscovering your energy, outlook and health. At New Roads Retreats, we’re here to help you restore your mind and body in order to return to your calling.

    Meet the hosts

    Catherine and Marty have been together 30 years and have traveled the world with their three children while serving and caring for others. They met while teaching in Switzerland in 1992, fell in love and were married the following year.

    They served in ministry in San Francisco as pastors caring for an international and diverse community and then spent 5 years volunteering with Mercy Ships in West Africa as chaplains and care providers to the international crew. Their heart has always been to provide restorative hospitality to others.

    Marty is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in California (#103247) and Texas (#203784). For more information see the website for New Roads Counseling – www.newroadscounseling.com